COVID-19 Pandemic

Aquarium Foundation's response to the global pandemic

The world is currently grappling with the devastating effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic. It has affected so many spheres of our lives: emotionally, psychologically, socially, economically and politically. It has taken precious lives, resulted in total family disequilibrium and left many unemployed and in precarious financial states. We find ourselves in a cataclysmic moment when the pandemic is both the virus and the source of anxiety. We are all anxious and it is undeniable, the threat of contagion is real. The lockdown and quarantine have resulted in isolation and the temporary interruption of social relationships. Children have lost contacts with their peers both in the classroom and in schoolyards. Youth who rely on peer groups for consolidation of their identities and for socialization needs, including the building of relationships with others in the social system, are suffering greatly. Parents rely on community resources for their children’s optimal physical and emotional development including learning social skills, and different ideologies. Parents and children are now at home. Some parents are unemployed and facing economic and other hardships. Some others, in the midst of this pandemic are experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and moral injury. These are truly unprecedented times.

At Aquarium Foundation, we believe that it is our responsibility to maintain our psychoanalytic minds and make the space necessary for children and youth in need. We understand the anxieties that this precarious situation stirs up. It requires that we re-think and reorganize our individual and collective well-being. At Aquarium Foundation, we believe that expanding access to psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy has become an urgent task.

We will accommodate the frame to meet the needs of those who are in need. We have transitioned from face-to-face to virtual clinical sessions and despite some occasional technological pitfalls, we believe that it works very well.

We will provide grants for families in need, as well as provide consultation to primary care physicians, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, psychoeducators in schools and other professionals in the field of mental health.  It is our goal and our mission.