Our Members

Founding Members

Dr. Mounir Samy
Dr. Jorge Palacios-Boix
Dr. Michel Grignon

Executive Committee

President – M. Samy, MD
Vice-President – L. Amirali, MD
VP Communications – J. Errunza, MD
Secretary – C. Finn, PhD
Treasurer – M. Samy, MD
Administrative Director – Mena Iaciofano

Board of Administrators

Lila Amirali, MD
The honorable Patrick Brazeau
Joel Des Rosiers, MD
Philippe Dongier, MBA
Jennifer Errunza, MD
Cindy Finn, PhD
Mercedes Muhlegg, MSW
Daniel Proulx, LLM
Mounir Samy, MD
Christine Ury, PhD

Honorary Members

Avner Bergstein
Dr. Carlo Bonomi
Dr. Larry Brown
Dre. Leslie Caldwell
Kathleen Kelley Lainée
Dr. Howard Levine
Dre. Elena Molinari
Dr. Jack Novick
Kerry Kelly Novick

All founding and the majority of executive committee members are psychoanalysts with the Canadian Society of Psychoanalysis – Quebec English Branch