A Special Thank you

Aquarium Wishes to Thank its Generous Donors

The executive and board members of the Aquarium Foundation wish to extend sincere gratitude to all the generous people who have made significant financial contributions. Your donations represent the driving force of the Foundation.

The funds will be used primarily towards subsidizing psychoanalytic psychotherapy to children and youth in need. The current significant difficulties that children face have only intensified given the Covid pandemic thus creating multiple impingements on many families. The world is in fact in a precarious state. Donations to the Aquarium Foundation is conducive to subsidizing treatment for children and youth thereby enabling them to work through the sources of intrapsychic and interpersonal anxieties towards an emotional equilibrium.

A heartfelt thank you for your kindness and generosity from all of us. Your donations will make this happen.

Aquarium Wishes to Thank its Volunteers​

The executive and board members of the Aquarium Foundation wish to thank all of the volunteers who have come forward to provide assistance, since the time of its original launch to the present. Our volunteers have devoted their time and worked hard to accomplish many important tasks. The benefits of their involvement continue to be enormous and we are deeply grateful for their time and generosity.